Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Gospel Learning in the Home

I'm going to try and update from time to time, what we do in our home to teach the gospel.

We are definitely not experts.

But, I always love to get ideas from others so, in a way, this is a way for me to pay it forward.

Last night for our family home evening, we played Conference Jeopardy: Parents vs. Kids.

I have 5 kids still at home participating in FHE, so I had them each write 2 questions.

The only rule was that they had to know the answer to the question before they could ask.

My husband and I wrote 5 questions each.

Each question was worth 10 points. And we had a couple of questions, that had "bonus" points at the end.

Unless stated, you were allowed to use whatever notes you took during conference.

Here are the questions the kids came up with:

What was the focus point of Elder Ronald A. Rasband's talk? (bonus - what was the opening question his daughter asked him?)

How many times did President Nelson speak? (bonus - what was his total speaking time? - this child had looked this up on lds.org and didn't think we'd get it, but his Dad did!!)

What was the closing hymn?

Elder Gerritt W. Gong showed a painting in his talk. What was this painting called?

Name 3 new temples announced (city and country) not in North America?

Elder Soares compared the tributaries of the Amazon river to what?

What revelation/section of the Doctrine & Covenants is it the 100th anniversary of? (bonus - what is that section about?)

We are not what of Mormon?

How does Elder Eyring describe a test?

President Eyring was once counseled to treat everyone he meets in what way?

Parent questions:

How many apostles spoke in the Saturday morning session? (bonus - name them without looking at your notes)

Which apostle talked about Mary Poppins? (bonus - why?)

Who asked Elder Gong to watercolor with him? 

Who received the revelation that it is the 100th anniversary of? (bonus - who talked about it?)

What are the 4 things President Nelson asked the women to do?

President Nelson invited us to become what kind of Latter-day Saints?

How many sisters spoke in all the sessions combined?

Name at least 3 people who talked about taking upon us the name of Jesus Christ.

Which apostle showed a graphic of a rope? (bonus - what did the rope symbolize)

Who's son had a stroke while serving a mission?

I was impressed with the questions the kids came up with and how many answers they knew.

We ended up tying, believe it or not with 120 points each.

I love my family!!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Running My Race

I ran a 10k in Boise on Saturday.

It was a beautiful race. 

The weather was great. 

We started at the capitol building, ran through a tree-lined neighborhood with old houses, a greenbelt along the river, through a couple of tunnels, up to an overlook part of the city and finished at a park.

I had a good race, too. 

One of my fastest pace times (which I know is still slow, but I'm over that.)

Anytime I would start worrying about my time, I would remind myself that I just want to "run my race". 

For me that meant doing a run/walk. 

And it included noticing the other runners around me and giving high-fives and encouragement to others. 

I was just able to run with JOY!!!

The thing that brings me the most joy in my life is working with and helping others.

And noticing all the beautiful things in the world!

I need to remind myself about this when I start to get bogged down in the details of my life. 

It's not about my speed or my performance. 

It's about gratitude and loving others and just being me.

Running my race.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Menu problems (2014)

***(Read previous blog post about posting old drafts)***

I've started a little bit of a new life.

Since July, I have been working (mostly part-time).

It's been a huge change to our family.

Thankfully, I know that is was the right thing to do.

But, one of the things that has really gotten me down is my menu planning.

I felt like I had become a master at it.

But, for some reason, since I started working, I just could not get it together when it came to planning/making dinner for my family.

And yes, I know that I have a lot of kids that I could have cook.

And yes, my husband is an amazing cook and picked up a lot of the slack.

But, it was like a weight on my shoulders.

Every night - "what are we having for dinner?"

And every other week, when it was my usual time to plan my two-week menu/shopping list, I just could not come up with anything.

I asked on facebook for recipe ideas.

I thought that maybe a new recipe blog would spark some interest or desire in my to cook again.

It didn't.

That is when I realized that I just don't have time to be creative in the kitchen.  What I needed was function.

I went to my spreadsheet and wrote down all of the meals I could think of that we eat on a somewhat regular basis or that at least were in the rotation sometime in the past year. Also, we are trying to eat less processed foods.

As I put them on my spreadsheet, I would also make a column for what category that dinner would fall into (ex, Chicken, Non-meat, Mexican, Hamburger, Pork, etc.).  Most of them had more than one category.

I came up with 63 different meals.

Then I totaled all of the categories and came up with themes.

Sunday - Big Meat
Monday - Non-meat/Soup
Tuesday - Chicken
Wednesday - Mexican
Thursday - Crockpot
Friday - Favorite
Saturday - Curry/Fish/Grill

Then I arranged my dinners into a logical order (like not putting fish dishes in a row),  I had to use a few dishes more than once to get it to even out. And a few of the dinners did not end up in their proper category (whatever).

12 weeks worth of dinners that I don't have to think about ever again.  It gets me to the end of the year!  And then I can just start over.

It seems silly to say that this was almost a spiritual experience for me.  But it is amazing the weight that feels lifted from me.  These are dinners that I know and love.  Dinners that my kids know and well, know.

And since this post is already too long.  I'll do another post about what I did next.

Writer's Block

I am feeling writer's block.

I want to write because it is good for my soul.

It helps me think things through.

And right now, I have a lot of things I'm trying to process.

It would be great to write it out.

It's just not happening.

I have 10 previous posts that are still "drafts".

I'm going to start with those.

Even though some of them are not relevant anymore.

I'm just going to try and break this block and start writing more.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Scraping Up the Browned Bits

See the title up there?

I read that in the recipe I made last night.

It's a common instruction when making meat with a bit of sauce.

Last night it was for a Thai Green Curry Meatball recipe.

I've done it when doing roast or stew or pork chops, also.

It's so delicious.

You take all that flavor and get to mix it in with the rest of the ingredients.

Sometimes, I have worried that the final food will end up tasting burned.

But, for the most part, it just adds this depth of flavor that you don't get by just "cooking".

There have been times in my life (and those I love) when it feels like I'm getting "burned".

I get stuck on questions I can't answer.

Life gets "hot" and uncomfortable.

What I need to understand is that God is going to "scrape up the browned bits" into something beautiful.

These bits will eventually add a depth to my life that can't come any other way.

God's purpose is to give me all the "flavor" He can.

It will be good.


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