Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Title

So, a little explanation for the title of my blog,
"Never Give Up!"
Several years ago, when we lived in Tooele, my oldest child entered a citywide coloring contest. She had her hopes up that she would win. So to get her prepared for any result I told her that "Cluff's never win." I thought it was kind of a harmless little thing for her to learn at the age of 4, because face it, most of the time we lose. When some of my friends heard this little saying they thought it was sad - so we added "but at least they keep trying".

Well, she ended up winning something.

The next time there was a contest, we couldn't use the first mantra, so we changed it to, "we might not win, but we'll never give up". Well the last part of that has just developed a life of its own. Cluff's never give up!

When this started I had no idea the impact it would have on my family.
  • This is too hard - Cluff's never give up!
  • I don't want to . . . - Cluff's never give up!
  • That's not fair - Cluff's never give up!
  • But everyone else . . . - Cluff's never give up!

Its effect has not just been for the kids either. Right now we have some major obstacles looming in front of our family. Major decisions that must be made. It would be so much easier to take the road well-traveled. To just go the way its already going. But what do I keep hearing in my head -

Cluff's never give up!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Beginning of Something Great

I guess its about time I started doing this. I constantly have a running blog in my head, so I might as well share it with the world.


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