Wednesday, September 3, 2014


What is it about the wind that bothers me?

I used to love the wind. 

Well, at least listening to it blow outside. 

That was probably when I was younger and safe inside my parents home.

I think my dislike for it started when we had a broken window in our home.

The place we lived was very windy, and a window pane had been removed to be replaced.

That sound of the wind blowing into my house all day drove me crazy.

In our new "windy" city where we live, it's not just the sound that bothers me anymore.

One of our outbuildings (that we're still working on) has a tarp for a roof. 

And the wind is tearing it to shreds right now.

I hate watching the wind destroy.

When I was young, the whirlwinds of life didn't bother me.

Or at least I felt comfortable withstanding them.

But, now I'm tired of the "noise" that surrounds me.

And I have personally experienced destruction from these "winds".

How can I feel safe again, protected from what is happening in the world?

Elder Neil Anderson in April conference has the answers in this talk:
My young brothers and sisters, how we love you, admire you, and pray for you. Don’t let the whirlwinds drag you down. These are your days—to stand strong as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Build more firmly your foundation upon the rock of your Redeemer.
Treasure more completely His incomparable life and teachings.
Follow more diligently His example and His commandments.
Embrace more deeply His love, His mercy and grace, and the powerful gifts of His Atonement.
As you do, I promise you that you will see the whirlwinds for what they are—tests, temptations, distractions, or challenges to help you grow. And as you live righteously year after year, I assure you that your experiences will confirm to you again and again that Jesus is the Christ. The spiritual rock under your feet will be solid and secure. You will rejoice that God has placed you here to be a part of the final preparations for Christ’s glorious return.


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