Monday, July 12, 2010

My Drug of Choice

No, this is not about which drug is the best to give a child while travelling. (I haven't found one that works that great for us yet. )

It's about what I've discovered about my own brain chemistry and what works best for it.

When I start getting overwhelmed and things seem on the far side of crazy . . .
I have to get organized.

It's not just a good thing for me. It is like a drug.

My brain can't function without a certain type of organization/drug, to guide it. And then once I have this "drug" in me I am free to be more spontaneous and fun about life.

I have actually used prescription medication before. It was a necessity after baby #6.

I was never able to get to the point where I was able to plan or even think about organizing my life without breaking down into tears.

The real drug allowed me to survive.

While I was on this medication I didn't have to plan things and life went merrily along. But, once I felt ready to organize and plan my life, I knew it was time to try it on my own again.

So, I am done apologizing for having to "get organized". No more thinking that I am a freak when I tell people that I have to get my mind wrapped around things before I can make certain decisions.

I now accept that this is just the drug I need to help me function to my fullest potential.

Here's an example of what I have organized in my brain for this summer.

Sunday - day of rest/church; dinner with family
Monday - school/library day; chicken
Tuesday - field trip day; grandma
Wednesday - cleaning day; kid's choice
Thursday - shopping/computer time day; sandwiches/leftovers
Friday - swimming/craft day; favorites
Saturday - field trip day; crockpot

Have I followed this exactly? Nope, not even once.

But its like having a palette of colors to choose from. I can mix and match according to my needs.

Disclaimer: It does take me at least a whole day to come up with "the plan".

But then I can relax and let the summer happen in a stress free manner. I love that the kids aren't constantly bugging me about going to the pool, or getting on the computer. And I know certain things will get done that might tend to get lost in the whirl of summer. Like cleaning, school and field trips that I really want to do.

Anyway, if anyone asks for my designer drug. This is it.


  1. Me too! Drives my family crazy, but I want to relax, too. Easier to clear the brain than ignore it.

  2. I am SO that way, but with the physical house.. If the house is messy, I can't think, I feel claustrophobic and depressed. My husband has learned that the quickest way to help me when I am cranky is to clean the house. It is amazing how much better I feel when things are in there place. Mentally, I need to know the plan too, what is coming, how we are going to handle the next hurdles, etc. Adam is more spontanteous and he gets a little frustrated with me sometimes, but I need it to feel relaxed.

  3. It's good to hear that you are still alive. I have to admit I really miss seeing you and your family. I hope all is going well in your completely crazy summer :)

  4. I am a much better planner and organizer than an actual participant. I enjoy the organization and preparation much more than the actual event. Luckily, I have a husband who is willing to take the plunge and help me participate. It helps to get me out of the house. I am glad you are alive and "well."

  5. I am missing you and your organizing! Your planning seemed to keep me in line! BTW my kids do not like "kids cleaning day" but I do! Wishing you the best summer ever! Do you have cool fieldtrip/outting t-shirts this year?

  6. Amen. I wonder whether the fact that when mom was mad we all immediately started cleaning and picking things up caused this in us, or if we were just born with it. "Things are crazy - I must organize and clean!"



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