Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lessons Learned

I feel like I am in a familiar situation.

A waiting one.

Except this time instead of waiting on a job,  I am waiting on finding a place to live.

My first thought was, "I guess I haven't learned what I was supposed to last time!"

But then I realized I wanted to look at it in a more positive way. 

So instead I asked, "What did I already learn from the last time this happened?"

I learned that it all works out eventually.

I learned that God is very aware of me and my concerns.

I learned that "calmness" is the way the Spirit speaks to me.

I learned that no matter how much I want things a certain way, I know that the Lord knows what is really best.  

Recognizing what I have learned from the past is helping me get through this time.

I think that's why the scriptures talk so much about remembering.  

The Lord wants me to remember the lessons I have already learned.

It's not about being stuck in the same situation over and over again. 

It's about using the lessons I have already learned and adding to them each time.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Asking the Right Questions

I am excited to be able to listen to inspired speakers this weekend of General Conference.

I am a strong believer in getting specific answers to my questions during the different sessions.

For example, ten or so years ago, when my husband was in the process of making a decision about a job, I remember a speaker mentioning Ephraim, Utah. For some reason it stood out to me.

We got a job offer from that city just a week or so after.

My kids had heard this story enough that last conference, when we were looking for a job, everyone was on the lookout for different cities or states that were named.

We decided that Idaho was probably mentioned the most. 

But, we thought that was weird because we hadn't applied anywhere in that state.

Guess what happened a couple of weeks later?

Now, I know that conference is not just about telling me exactly where I should live. 

But, I also know that I pay more attention when I am listening for something specific.

And every time I am looking for specific answers, I have heard them.

Some of the most common questions I ask before conference are, "How can I be a better mom?" or "What do I need to teach my family?"  and there always seem to be talks focused on just these topics.

For the last few years I have had all of my kids come up with their own questions or problems that they need help with.

One year, D was having a hard time falling asleep at night.  So, he decided that he wanted to get an answer for that specific problem.

The first talk in conference was about prayer.  And how prayer can help you with any problems you may be having.

He and I looked at each other, and we both knew that was his answer.

There was another time I prayed that a child of mine would be able to feel the spirit more in their life.

That was the conference when Elder Holland gave his powerful talk, "None Were with Him". 

I heard some quiet sniffling coming from the corner of our couch and saw that my child was definitely feeling the spirit.

My goal, this year, is to really focus on asking the right questions. 

Because I know that there is something I need to know. 

And since I know I will get an answer; I want to make sure that I get it right.


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