Monday, July 12, 2010

My Drug of Choice

No, this is not about which drug is the best to give a child while travelling. (I haven't found one that works that great for us yet. )

It's about what I've discovered about my own brain chemistry and what works best for it.

When I start getting overwhelmed and things seem on the far side of crazy . . .
I have to get organized.

It's not just a good thing for me. It is like a drug.

My brain can't function without a certain type of organization/drug, to guide it. And then once I have this "drug" in me I am free to be more spontaneous and fun about life.

I have actually used prescription medication before. It was a necessity after baby #6.

I was never able to get to the point where I was able to plan or even think about organizing my life without breaking down into tears.

The real drug allowed me to survive.

While I was on this medication I didn't have to plan things and life went merrily along. But, once I felt ready to organize and plan my life, I knew it was time to try it on my own again.

So, I am done apologizing for having to "get organized". No more thinking that I am a freak when I tell people that I have to get my mind wrapped around things before I can make certain decisions.

I now accept that this is just the drug I need to help me function to my fullest potential.

Here's an example of what I have organized in my brain for this summer.

Sunday - day of rest/church; dinner with family
Monday - school/library day; chicken
Tuesday - field trip day; grandma
Wednesday - cleaning day; kid's choice
Thursday - shopping/computer time day; sandwiches/leftovers
Friday - swimming/craft day; favorites
Saturday - field trip day; crockpot

Have I followed this exactly? Nope, not even once.

But its like having a palette of colors to choose from. I can mix and match according to my needs.

Disclaimer: It does take me at least a whole day to come up with "the plan".

But then I can relax and let the summer happen in a stress free manner. I love that the kids aren't constantly bugging me about going to the pool, or getting on the computer. And I know certain things will get done that might tend to get lost in the whirl of summer. Like cleaning, school and field trips that I really want to do.

Anyway, if anyone asks for my designer drug. This is it.


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