Saturday, August 3, 2013

Defining Myself

Whenever I move or start new somewhere, I tend to ask myself :

"Who do I want to be now?" 
"How do I want others to see me?"

My husband has always told me that I shouldn't try to be anything.  

Just myself.  

But I like the idea of inventing a new self.  

The problem comes when something happens that makes me have to change my definition of who I think I am.  

My life seems to spiral out of control until I come up with the new definition.  

"Now, who do I want to be?"

Example:  I have been defining myself as a "home-school" mom.  

But, this year I am going to be sending most of my kids to public school.  

 That means I will now be a "public school" mom. 

(what does that mean anyway - and why have I allowed myself to make that sound like a bad thing?!!)

See the problem with having narrow definitions of myself?

 (click these pinkish links - they're good!)

I'm not a home-school mom or a public school mom.

I'm just a mom.

Or even broader than that.

I'm a daughter of God. 

And God just expects me to love, serve and have joy.


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