Monday, December 16, 2013


I had this new thought as I was teaching about Zion in Sunday School yesterday.

In the scriptures, Zion is referred to as "the pure in heart". (D&C 97:21)

No where does it say that we have to be perfect to be a part of Zion.

Just pure.

What's the difference between pure and perfect?

I believe it is my actions.

I can be pure by having my heart in the right place at all times.

And then I can constantly work on my actions to become more perfect through the Atonement of Christ.

Having my heart in the right place means that I cannot judge others.

"Don't judge me because I sin differently than you do." (Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, April 2012)

To me, that is Zion.

Being one in heart and purpose.

Not judging; but helping each other as we use the Atonement to become perfect.


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