Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I smelled onions on my hands today.
It reminded me of my Mom.
I don't cook with onions much.
Tom doesn't like them.
But I clearly remember being hugged by my mom as a child and smelling onions on her hands.
What smells will remind my children of me?
Just one more thing that makes me feel like a real mom - the smell of onions on my hands.
I could take it off with neutralizer soap . . . not a chance.
I'll keep the smell for a while.
Hopefully no one minds.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

To Be Proud or Not to Be?

Ok, here's a dilemma.

I have a child (I will refer to her as A) who has started being sarcastic.

Why the dilemma?

Well, part of me is worried that she is going to end up being snotty like her father and mother.

But the other (bigger) part of me is just proud that she is finally getting it!

It's kind of weird the things I get proud of as a parent.

For instance, one time at parent teacher conference this same child had given herself low marks in respects authority. When her teacher asked her why the low marks, she replied, "well, if someone in authority told me to do something bad I wouldn't do it."

Unfortunately, I couldn't high five her in front of the teacher. But I really wanted to!

What kind of child am I raising?

Apparently, one who thinks for herself and is funny, finally.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm trying so hard to be a good blogger. 

I'm trying to make my page look not so boring. 

So I'm looking at all the cute backgrounds I could get for my blog and they all have flowers or cute little things on them that look like scrapbooks stuff. 

I am not a scrapbooker. Unless you count putting pictures on a white page and then writing something about it next to it. That's at least a step up from cutting out sayings that I found from magazines and putting them with the pictures. 

Of course, now I don't even print my pictures off of my camera or computer. At least, I try to leave my computer on so we can at least see some of the pictures on the screen saver (for 3 seconds). 

But back to the cute blog thing. I don't really want a cute blog. 

I just want it to look the way I feel, which if there was one with sweatpants and chocolate maybe I'd be all about that one. 

Actually, maybe my problem is that I'm not really sure what I'm doing here!!!! Help. Any tips or comments are appreciated! 

As for now, I will just continue on . . . you know . . . NEVER GIVE UP!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Myrtle Budge

Here's an explanation for my computer name.

Back in the days when I was fun, our group of friends decided to make up names for ourselves.

We had our "cool" name and then we had our "nerd" name.

Our cool name could be whatever we wanted, (mine happened to be Brittney! which could be a whole 'nother blog) but our nerd name had to be the same initials as our own. (My apologies to anyone out there with nerdy names.)

Here are some nerd names I remember:
Delilah Pipin, Sylvia Nixon, Regina Sue.

I'm trying to remember why we did this.

I guess when you are a teenager, you don't really have to have a reason.

But I think it had to do with stake dances.

I think we would use those names when we were asked to dance by boys we didn't know or like.

What's funny is,it's not like we got asked to dance very much anyway.

Maybe these names gave us the idea that we could actually be nerdier than we really were already. Who knows?

But now, I kind of like the name. Unfortunately that might be because it fits me now more than ever.

But also because it brings back great memories.

May Myrtle Budge live on forever!


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