Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Roles

No that is not a misspelling. I'm talking about the role that I always seem to fall into when I'm around family.

I'm the 4th in a family of six and I have always considered myself the middle child. My role, so it seems, was to be the 'funny' one. And therefore no one ever takes me seriously.

That seems so incongruous with my real life though. I mean I still like to think that I'm funny, but I think most people take me seriously now.

What I wonder is, is it my family that keeps me doing this when we all get together? or is it me not allowing them to see me any other way?

Of course, the next question is, are there ways that I'm expecting certain other siblings to act that's not allowing them to change and be different than they used to be?

We all grow up and mature and if we are lucky enough to move on from the past, we can make needed changes to our personality. But within the family, its harder to change. We pigeonhole each other into certain roles to play: funny one, serious one, baby, princess, etc. But I think that especially in a family we should be willing to allow for growth and change in each other.

My goal this thanksgiving is to be 'me' and let others be 'them' and see if we can't get past this roles thing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

8 Things

1. I almost always wear socks. I can't stand barefeet.

2. I still dream about playing professional soccer some day.

3. I used to hate to shower and now I can't really start my day until I do.

4. I hate changing my clothes. (that is once I've finally decided on what to wear)

5. I have no desire to work.

6. I never watch tv.

7. My husband cracks me up with his songs. (he makes them up all the time)

8. I totally wish I homeschooled my kids.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Candy

So I'm looking for comments here. What do you do with your Halloween candy?

When I was a kid it was like a huge trading post. We separated our candies into their piles and then commenced making deals with each other. "I'll give you two tootsie rolls and a squirrel nut for a snickers - what are you kidding?"

In my family we have tried several strategies. You get 10 pieces of candy a day, but they get taken away as a punishment one piece at a time. "That's ok I still have 6 pieces left!"

Then there was the weaning one. You get 10 today and 8 tomorrow, then 6 the next day, until we are down to the normal one or two pieces a day. but that just seemed to drag out the sugar high. "Hey we're supposed to get 6 today - waaaaaahhhh!"

Now we dump all of our candy into one bowl (or two) and then we sort it. (what did we get the most of? the least of?) Then we dump it back in and dig in. For the last two years we just go for it. Everyone can eat as much as they want, whenever they want, until its all gone. "Mom, I don't feel so good."

This year I let everyone choose out 10 pieces that are just theirs. They can trade them for something else from the big bowl, but they cannot replace them. "Hey I don't remember eating one of my special ones but now there's only 9!"

Anyway, what are your ways. And don't tell me you just eat it slowly and it lasts for months. Whatever.


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