Monday, February 22, 2010


This is a great saying that I just read the other day:

Make the problem the enemy; not you or your child.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discovery Week

I learned a new equation this week.

Perfectionism + Competitiveness = Hopelessness/Anger

I had to deal with an issue with a child this week. I found some good info here and here.

It was good for me to read this stuff instead of flying off the handle like I wanted to. And I discovered some new insights into my child.

Another thing I learned or discovered (this time about myself): I am a coach.

Like, no duh, right? I love coaching.

But unfortunately, I have a coach voice and attitude.

Stuff like: "c'mon, you can do better than that!" or "what is the problem here?"

Can you hear it?

It sounds great outside on a field or on a court. But inside my home I realize that I need to have a meeker approach to teaching.

I'm always open for learning new things. Especially when it helps me be a better mom.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dancing With My Star

I have this great memory from my childhood.

It's dancing with my Dad.

We had a daddy-daughter dance once and learned "The Minuet".

I can still remember some of the steps.

So, when I was put in charge of the activity for the girls (8-11yrs) at church, I thought of this.

It was a low key night. We just had punch and cookies.

Most of the dads who came with their daughters were very reluctant about dancing (including my own daughter's father) .

The girls, on the other hand, seemed to be beaming because they had their dads to themselves (I remember that feeling).

Anyway, I taught them the waltz. Just the basic box step. I also taught the Electric Slide; just to the girls (kind of to give the dad's a break). And then we ended with a final waltz to Journey's Open Arms.

It was fun, but I think my favorite part was listening to the girls giggle. They had so much fun.

I'm not sure if any memories were made for these girls, but it was nice for me to relive mine.

I love my Dad.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Throw

My brother-in-law recently requested, from the family mailing group, ideas on weight loss.

He says he doesn't need it now but he wants some ideas for later on when us "older ones" don't care as much or forget stuff.

Yeah, he's a gem.

Anyway, this was my response and I thought I'd just throw it out here. I guess I did go to college for something.

My Top 5 Healthy Eating Ideas

1. Eat smaller portions more often. (5-6 times a day)
2. Drink a glass of water before or after eating.
3. Eat the right kind of food. (you know what that is)
4. Don't do anything else while you're eating (no driving, watching, reading, etc.). Just focus on the food and tasting/savoring it.
5. Add more movement to your day.

For real weight loss: Keep a food journal (write down what/when you eat and why you're eating).

But, everyone knows this stuff, right? (It doesn't mean we do it.)


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